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CNS Projects will work with your business to develop innovative solutions tailored to your business needs.

We have experience working for a wide range of clients across various industries, from small business, industrial manufacturing, wholesale, medical, finance, legal, defence, health, cyber & national security

Chris Seils

Chris Seils

CEO / Software Developer


CNS Projects was originally established in 2000 by Chris Seils, a software designer and developer with over 25 years’ experience in software development solutions.

His out of the box thinking is a key asset in the process of problem solving and planning for a software solution. After purpose and specification of the software challenge are identified. He designs a bespoke solution to fix your organisational challenge, within budget and interoperability needs.

Chris is often the driver for program and process improvements for his clients. A senior ICT executive whom has such diverse application and programming experience that he is practically unflappable with any customer dilemma. He often joins a project and immediately can identify and recommend strategic Improvements to optimize performance from day 1.